Ron DeSantis: Dem voting tactics are 'corrupt as hell' and 'why aren't we doing it?'
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) argued that Republicans should engage in "corrupt as hell" voting practices until they can be banned.

In an interview that was recorded on Thursday, podcast host Charlie Kirk asked DeSantis if Republicans should "embrace early voting [and] ballot harvesting."

DeSantis noted that his state had banned so-called ballot harvesting and "Zuckerbucks," a right-wing phrase meaning private donations that help run elections.

"I think Zuckerbucks is corrupt as hell, but if it's legal and the Democrats are doing it, why aren't we doing it?" he asked. "I would say ban ballot harvesting and do all that. But if it's not banned, you need to do it because, otherwise, we're fighting with one hand tied behind our back."

"Now, you can support reforms," he continued. "I don't think you should have mass mail balloting. And early voting, even though we did very well, I kind of like election day."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.