Ron DeSantis using 'white supremacist' policy to save his reelection bid: Florida columnist
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Miami Herald columnist Fabiola Santiago on Friday wrote a blistering attack on Gov. Ron DeSantis and his latest efforts to drive undocumented immigrants out of Florida.

In particular, Santiago accuses DeSantis of trying to make Florida's 2022 electorate as white as possible so that he can coast to victory.

"During the Donald Trump years, DeSantis targeted the influx of Central Americans, and he's now doing likewise to Haitians under Joe Biden," she writes. "He thinks he's punishing this other 'foreign' Florida, but he's bad-mouthing and hurting all of us immigrants."

She then targeted the governor's "newly issued mandate to law enforcement that they pull over drivers they suspect are transporting immigrants into the state" that she predicted would be "tricky to carry out without violating Americans' constitutional rights."

The bright side, argues Santiago, is that DeSantis's ploys stand a good chance of failing.

"It's too late to fight the demographics. Florida is gaining more Latinos than any other state, except, predictably, Texas, concluded the 2021 U.S. Latino GDP Report just released by the nonprofit Latino Donor Collaborative," she writes. "Between 2015 and 2019 alone, more than 700,000 Latinos were added to our state's population."

She concludes with a warning for the Florida governor: "Latinos and Blacks are a growing force in Florida — and they vote."