Ron DeSantis provides a 'sneak preview' of how the GOP plans to disrupt Biden initiatives
Florida governor Ron DeSantis. (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

In a column for the Daily Beast, journalist Wajahat Ali suggested that Republicans will go to extraordinary lengths to disrupt President Joe Biden's agenda in the near future even if it means the deaths of thousands of Americans -- including children.

As his "Exhibit A" he offers off up the recent actions of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) who, he claims, has already shown that he cares little about the safety of his constituents as long as he raises his profile by battling with the Biden administration.

Calling the Republican Party "death cultists" over their opposition to Biden and CDC health mandates aimed at eliminating the spread of Covid-19, Ali pointed to DeSantis attempting to put up roadblocks to hamper health officials.

"Florida's Ron DeSantis gave us a sneak preview of how Republican leaders will challenge the Biden Administration's proposed mandate that would require private sector employers with 100 or more employees to either vaccinate their staff or impose weekly COVID tests," the Beast columnist wrote before adding, "DeSantis called for a special session of the state legislature, which will cost Florida taxpayers $1 million, to oppose the federal mandate and punish businesses with vaccine mandates, recommending they be held liable if a worker has an 'adverse reaction.' He also said these businesses will no longer qualify for COVID-19 liability protection."

Following up on his "sneak preview" theme, Ali continued, "This madness is just a sneak preview of the all-out obstruction by the GOP and its base once the FDA approves vaccines for children ages 5 to 12," before writing, "As I've written before, we cannot win over a pro-death cult. I'm tired of bending the knee to violent, ideological extremists and being hijacked by their white rage, economic anxiety, delusional conspiracy theories, and perpetual sense of victimhood. Their selfish actions are jeopardizing our children's lives during an ongoing pandemic."

He then suggested a plan to battle the GOP "death cult."

"If it's litigation GOP wants, then two can play at that game. Businesses and school districts need to fight back in court to protect their rights from Republican intimidation and overreach," he proposed before adding, "[Attorney General Merrick] Garland needs to unleash The Department of Justice and consider criminal investigations if Republican anti-mask and anti-vaccine policies have misrepresented information in a way that actively led to deaths across the nation. Prosecutorial authorities at the federal, state and local levels should be encouraged to hold elected individuals accountable."

Turning back to DeSantis, he concluded, "In Florida, all you have to do is follow the facts. It will take you to the graveyard where you'll find 58,000 tombstones—and counting."

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