The Lincoln Project is out with a new ad noting how President Donald Trump's popularity is falling and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is taking over for him.

"Republicans in Washington and the Fox News echo chamber are having a hard time hiding their excitement over the ascension of Governor Ron DeSantis as party leader," said Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson. "Tune into Rupert Murdoch's Fox News at any given hour of the day and you'll see just who they think Republican voters should be listening to. Ron DeSantis is running away with the party Trump built, and so far there is seemingly nothing the weakened and fading Donald can do about it."

The ad speaks directly to Trump, playing into his ego and need to be the top dog in the GOP.

"Now he's the next big thing," the ad says. "He's making it his Republican Party. Everyone says he's better than you."

The ad then says "bigger than you," showing a close-up shot of Trump's hands, which he is said to be self-conscious about.

It then noted the increase in appearances DeSantis has on Fox News when Trump spent four years being the focus of the network.

"He's on all the time," the ad says. "You? Not so much."

See the ad below:


Lincoln Project ad mocks Trump's falling popularity: ‘DeSantis is running away’ with your party