More than four dozen math books were blocked in Florida alleging that they're teaching "critical race theory."

It led many to mock the extreme lengths that Gov. Ron DeSantis is going to eliminate things he finds objectionable. The story sparked outrage before it ultimately gave into mockery with people making jokes about math being "divisive" and that remainders are "socialist."

As blogger JoeMyGod observed, Florida state Rep. Carlos G. Smith asked the DeSantis' administration to show proof that the textbooks were "indoctrinating" the state's youth. What his staff came up with, however, was a problem that wasn't even in one of the books and was actually from Missouri.

When DeSantis' press secretary Christina Pushaw posted screen captures of objectionable math problems, it turned people to search which math book would use such a math problem, only to discover that the problem wasn't in a book. It was part of an internet worksheet and the company that posted it online had it removed.

Another individual found the actual post on the website with the questions that the supplemental site came up with. It clearly shows that someone edited the worksheet.

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