Ben Frazier, a Jacksonville activist arrested

A group of people was arrested at the Duval County Health Department Tuesday ahead of a press conference by Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. As the cases of COVID-19 are dramatically increased in the state, protesters were on hand at the public health building demanding answers.

Things turned against the group when the facilities manager threatened to remove anyone who wasn't a member of the press. DeSantis foe, Daniel Uhlfelder took to Twitter to point out that the allegations of trespassing were "unconscionable" because it's a state-building, a public facility in which the governor is holding a public press conference.

Ben Frazier, a Jacksonville journalist and member of the National Association of Black Journalists, stood up to the facilities manager to make the same case, saying, "we have a right to be here and we're not going!" He was then arrested.

Florida state Rep. Angie Nixon noted that Frazier is also disabled and wasn't allowed to use his wheelchair when arrested. He requested it from the police while he was on camera. DeSantis spokesperson Christina Pushaw claimed Frazier was "trespassing."

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Uhlfelder attacked DeSantis for allegedly being missing for weeks during the COVID surge. Now that he's back, Uhlfelder said, DeSantis wants to have people removed.

See the photos and videos from the incident: