John Oliver mocks Ron DeSantis

"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver started off his show mocking Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for being forced to steal migrants who came into Texas to deploy his plot to deport immigrants.

Both the Fox network and Republicans have desperately tried to turn immigration into a huge issue for the 2022 midterm election at a time when most Americans actually care about other things like democracy or women's liberty and rights.

"Yes, it certainly was a 'surprising scene on Martha's Vineyard,'" said Oliver. "Obviously, sending a group of migrants there was extremely reckless because Martha's Vineyard isn't set up with any key resources that migrants need. Unless, they're desperate for a fishmonger to over-describe what it was like to sell Jackie O. a pound of scallops in 1983."

He went on to say that if it seems like a stunt made for the Fox network, then you're correct, it is. Several months ago, right-wing host Tucker Carlson did a segment on the whiteness of Martha's Vineyard and he had a "fun" proposal. It was to send 300,000 migrants to the island. The island actually has under 20,000 people who live there year-round. It's a place where rich people "summer" after the Hamptons got too conservative.

"So, suggesting you send 300,000 people there is about like suggesting you let Tucker Carlson bring you to sexual completion," Oliver said. "It is just a disgusting idea. It's a logistically impossible one. But it seems DeSantis took the idea and ran with it. So, I guess it's like they say, good artists borrow, great artists steal and racist governors get their ideas yelled at them by the human equivalent of the boat shoe found at the scene of a hazing."

Oliver called it grim and cynical," talking about the ways in which they were lured by fake brochures lying to them about where they were going and what would be available for them when they arrived. The brochure was so poorly designed that it didn't even have the real flag of the state of Massachusetts on the front. It was a flag that a guy on Imgur, who posted it saying, "The current one blows so I made this one."

Ironically, Ron DeSantis lived in Massachusetts for at least three years when he went to Harvard. So, "you would think that Ron DeSantis would have caught that error."

A San Antonio sheriff announced that he'd be launching an investigation into DeSantis for kidnapping the migrants from Texas and lying to them about where they were going.

"And if you're thinking, hold on, why a Texas sheriff and not a Florida one?" Oliver continued. "Well, it turns out for all DeSantis' talk about the urgency of this issue for his voters, these migrants didn't even come from his state. Why not? You know what? I'll just let him explain."

As it turns out, DeSantis said that there's not a huge flood of migrants coming into Florida. On the whole, it might just be a few.

"That's not enough to stop the mass migration if it's just coming in onesie-twosies," said DeSantis.

"It seems this huge problem for his state, mass migration, is actually so little of a problem he had to borrow 50 migrants from a state halfway across the country," said Oliver. "But, credit where it's due. Nothing says, 'I'm against illegal immigration and human trafficking quite like making fake documents to smuggle people across a border."

It was also reported by the New York Times on Sunday, that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R), who is also up for reelection, is furious at DeSantis for the plot. It's not clear, however, if Abbott will try and get DeSantis back by sending a bus of migrants to Disney World.

Oliver also noted that DeSantis always looks like he's wearing his suit over another suit.

See the full video below or at this link.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver 9/25/22 FULL | HBO Last Week Tonight Sep 25, 2022

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