San Antonio sheriff identifies mysterious DeSantis woman who targeted Venezuelan migrants to send to Martha's Vineyard
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis visits 2019 Miami Open at the Hard Rock Stadium in 2019. (Leonard Zhukovsky /

A private plane took off in Texas with a group of migrants who signed bogus waivers handed to them by a woman only known as "Perla." Now the woman has been found, the New York Times reported Sunday.

According to the report, the woman is Perla Huerta, "a former combat medic and counterintelligence agent, was discharged last month after two decades in the U.S. Army that included several deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, according to military records.”

Huerta had a Venezuelan migrant who was working with her and who identified her to the police. Waivers signed by the migrants revealed that the English version of the waiver said something entirely different from the Spanish version.

"Several of the migrants on Martha’s Vineyard photographed her during the recruitment process in San Antonio, according to Rachel Self, a lawyer representing the migrants," said the report.

Huerta is located in Tampa, Florida, the reports explain.

"The man who said he worked with her to help sign up other migrants agreed to speak on the condition that his name not be used because the events are under investigation. He said he first met Ms. Huerta on Sept. 10 outside the Migrant Resource Center in San Antonio," the Times revealed.

Huerta was accused of seeking to target Venezuelan migrants, but he felt "betrayed" because she never said she was working on behalf of the Florida government.

“I was also lied to,” he told the Times. “If I had known, I would not have gotten involved.” All she said was that “she wanted to help people head up north.”

Venezuelans have been coming to the United States fleeing socialism, something Republicans claim they're against.

"The effort to fly migrants to Martha’s Vineyard appeared to have been far less organized than the more sweeping program created by Mr. Abbott in Texas that already had bused more than 11,000 migrants from the state to three northern, Democratic-run cities — Washington, New York and Chicago," said the report.

According to DeSantis, the migrants coming into Florida are only doing so by "onesies-twosies," not in large numbers. So, he had to go into Texas to take migrants there and deport them. No one told the Texas governor it was happening and the Republican Massachusetts governor wasn't informed they were coming either.

Public records show that Vertol Systems was the charter airline company that was paid $615,000 on Sept. 8 and $950,000 less than two weeks later for what was identified as "project 1," and "projects two and three." The funds came from $12 million in funding for the Department of Transportation “to facilitate the transport of unauthorized aliens from this state.” None of the people flown to Martha's Vinyard were "unauthorized aliens from this state."

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