Ron DeSantis enjoyed undisclosed luxury travel with wealthy donors: report
Ron DeSantis on Facebook.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis traveled on private jets and accepted other gifts from wealthy benefactors at least six times that he failed to properly disclose.

The trips came in late 2018, in the period between his election and inauguration as governor, but he did not report the flights, lodging and dining as gifts or campaign contributions, and it's not clear whether he personally reimbursed the donors for the flights, although a DeSantis spokesman said he complied with regulations, reported the Washington Post.

“All travel and events you mention — from almost five years ago — were compliant and received proper payment,” said DeSantis campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo. “Efforts to fundraise for state political parties and cultivate relationships with state officials are standard for political leaders, especially during an election year.”

The undisclosed trips show how DeSantis formed close bonds with wealthy benefactors, and he continues to prefer travel by private jet during his presidential run.

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DeSantis traveled to Augusta National Golf Club on a plane owned by home builder Mori Hosseini, who received $92 million in federal pandemic funding the DeSantis administration steered to a highway interchange project he wanted, and the governor also took four other flights on a plane registered to donor John Cwik.