TV anchor grills Ron Johnson over dismal poll numbers: 'How do you get that 35% approval rating?'
WISN/screen grab

WISN host Adrienne Pederson grilled Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) about his toxic brand and his low approval ratings.

In an interview on Sunday, Pederson asked Johnson how he planned to win re-election with an approval rating of 35%.

"You will have to get some moderates to vote for you," the host noted, "people who really aren't part of your base. How will you do that as someone who has become a very polarizing figure in politics?"

"First of all, I'm not a polarizing figure," Johnson shot back. "It's just that people in the legacy media call me one and all of the sudden, you become one. I'm not a polarizing figure at all. I'm just trying to convey the truth. I've done a really good job as Wisconsin's United States senator."

"How do you get that 35% approval rating up?" Pederson pressed.

"It's not surprising having survived years' worth of attacks from the legacy media, which again is pretty much the communications apparatus for the Democrat [sic] Party," Johnson replied. "Maybe my poll numbers have slipped."

"So you blame your poll numbers on the media," the host observed.

Johnson then suggested that the poll numbers were "wildly off."

Watch the video below from WISN.