WATCH: Ron Johnson booed after showing up at a Juneteenth celebration after trying to block the holiday

Controversial Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) received a cold welcome from constituents in Milwaukee on Saturday.

"Senator Ron Johnson stopped by Milwaukee's Juneteenth Day celebration Saturday afternoon, June 19. A crowd of people at the event booed and heckled Johnson while [he was] speaking to reporters," CBS 58 reported. "Johnson dropped his objection to making 'Juneteenth' a federal holiday earlier this week, after he blocked the bipartisan legislation a year ago."

Johnson's appearance at the celebration came two days after he went on Fox News and told Tucker Carlson that President Joe Biden may be compromised by Russia.

"Most people are getting really tired of the division," Johnson said. "I think people are looking to really heal this nation and certainly that's what I want to do."

Johnson's seat is up in the 2022 midterms and he has not yet announced whether he will seek re-election or retire from the U.S. Senate.