'Devoid of reality': Former Wisconsin county GOP chair stunned by Ron Johnson's MAGA transformation

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has always been a very conservative senator -- but one former Wisconsin county GOP chairman says he's shocked by the senator's recent turn toward spouting conspiracy theories.

Mark Becker, the former chairman of the Brown County Republican Party, told CNN that he supported Johnson in his past campaigns, but now says he doesn't recognize what Johnson has become.

"Everything that he's done since Donald Trump, it's been so devoid of reality," he explained.

Becker then told CNN that he called Johnson shortly after the election and asked him why he wouldn't publicly state that President Joe Biden was the legitimate winner.

"Yes, but 1.5 million people [in Wisconsin] voted for Donald Trump," Johnson said. "I'm not stupid... I'm not going to make those people mad."

Johnson earlier this week was caught in a secretly recorded video breaking down the exact reasons why he believed Trump lost Wisconsin, despite the fact that Trump has continued to insist that he won the state.

Watch the video below.

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