Ron Johnson blasted by Milwaukee health commissioner for hosting anti-vax event

On Monday, the Milwaukee Health Commissioner Kirsten Johnson slammed Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) at a press conference for an event he hosted casting doubt on the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine.

"Senator Ron Johnson, who publicly confirmed he is unvaccinated, has used his platform today to raise misleading concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccine," said the commissioner. "The scientific facts about the COVID-19 vaccine remain: it is safe, it is effective, and complications are extremely rare ... We urge Milwaukeeans to talk to people they love and trust, listen to the experts and science, discuss questions and concerns with licensed medical or health professionals, and continue to get vaccinated to save lives in our community."

The senator, who hosted six people who claim to have been injured by adverse reactions to COVID vaccines, defended his actions, claiming he hadn't actually been trying to discourage people from being vaccinated but adding "I don't think authorities can ignore this suffering."

According to columnist Dan Shafer, Milwaukee's health department is currently "offering free vaccines at community clinics, a library clinic, and mobile clinics."