RNC's Ronna McDaniel struggling to keep her job
Ronna McDaniel (Photo by Mandel Ngan for AFP)

When the 168 members of the Republican National Committee convene in Southern California in the near future, there are no assurances that the current chair Ronna McDaniel will be elected to another term. Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon is eating into her support, according to a new report.

McDaniel has let it be known that she feels she has approximately 100 of the votes locked up. But, in conversations with some of the delegates, more than a few appear to be on the fence, report The Daily Beast's Lahut and Petrizzo.

Neither McDaniel nor Dhillon were able to secure an endorsement from Donald Trump, with the former president saying he likes them both before adding "let them fight it out" -- and that appears to be exactly what is happening according to the Beast report.

As The Daily Beast notes, both candidates have support from die-hard Trump supporters, so the battle now hinges on McDaniel's performance in the 2022 midterms which were a source of great disappointment among the Republican faithful.

Accordingly, Dhillon is now boasting that she has secured "as many as 30 defections among the more than 100 members under McDaniel’s whip count." But according to the Beast's Lahut and Petrizzo, "her team would not provide any names, but, sure enough, some of the RNC members who are publicly for McDaniel sounded less than decided when they talked to The Daily Beast."

Speaking with the Beast, Oscar Brock, a national committeeman from Tennessee, stated, "I think it will be a very close race. It’s more close than Ronna wants it to be.”

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The report adds, "Two committee members backing McDaniel told The Daily Beast that her whip confidant Jeff Kent has been telling allies to not panic over rumors that Dhillon has been flipping votes. Those committee members—also granted anonymity to discuss the inner workings candidly—said Kent told them that McDaniel hasn’t sunk below 100 names."

"While McDaniel’s bloc of support may have largely held steady, there have been at least a few with reservations—both on and off the list of more than 100 names from early December, obtained by The Daily Beast—according to over a half-dozen members and advisers involved in the race who spoke with The Daily Beast," Lahut and Petrizzo wrote.

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