Ronny Jackson blasts 'militant' Susan Rice and Joe Biden's 'equity thing' because it 'equals racism'
Fox News/screen grab

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) called Susan Rice "militant" after President Joe Biden tasked her with heading an equity task force.

During an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Jackson reacted to Biden's executive order creating a White House Steering Committee on Equity that will be chaired by Rice.

"I've asked myself numerous times, how did Susan Rice end up back in the West Wing running domestic policy?" Jackson said. "And the reason is, is because the Biden administration, from day one, has been nothing, has been about nothing but their woke social agenda and their domestic policy. That's really all they care about. That's what this administration is going to try to make their legacy."

"They honestly don't care about the day-to-day suffering of the American people as long as they can push this woke social agenda," he added. "And this whole equity thing, this equity in the Biden administration, equals racism. That's all it is. It's not equality; it's equity."

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Jackson said Rice was selected for the job because she could be "militant."

"I think that Susan Rice was chosen for that job because she can be very militant and she's aggressive," he insisted. "And they wanted somebody in there that had a hook with, that also had their, that had a hook with the Obama administration. They could come into the Biden administration and push this woke social; this woke social agenda."

A video clip of Jackson was first shared on Twitter by Aaron Rupar.

Watch the video below from Fox News or at the link.