Alan Dershowitz hopes Trump will help Rudy Giuliani claim materials seized in raid are protected by attorney-client privilege: report

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who is acting as a legal adviser to Rudy Giuliani, says that he hopes former President Donald Trump will help block federal prosecutors from accessing material seized in a raid by federal agents that Giuliani believes is protected by attorney-client privilege, CNN reports.

"Hope the people whose information is privileged, like Donald Trump, would join the lawsuit and say look you can't see my stuff," Dershowitz told CNN.

Speaking on the radio after the raid, Giuliani denied wrongdoing and said that the search warrant that was carried out against him was "unconscionable."

"I was representing my client when I did this -- I wasn't representing any Ukrainians, I was representing Donald J Trump, President or not, an innocent man who was being framed by a bunch of crooks," he said.