Rudy Giuliani rages at 'double-crossing' Trump appointees who 'didn't believe' his Biden dirt
Rudy Giuliani / Gage Skidmore.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani revealed on Sunday that former President Donald Trump's administration members refused to cooperate in a campaign to smear Joe Biden because they "didn't believe" his evidence of wrongdoing was legitimate.

On his Sunday WABC radio broadcast, Giuliani complained that the "press turned on" him after he claimed in 2020 to have evidence of Biden family corruption.

Giuliani said bank accounts connected to the Biden family had "red flags" that members of the Trump administration suppressed.

"The Trump Treasury Department hid those too," the former mayor asserted. "His appointees there double-crossed him."

"Arg!" Giuliani exclaimed. "I mean, Trump had a certain number of people in his administration that either didn't believe it or were part of it and wanted to come out of the administration still being part of it."

While Giuliani did not provide names, Steve Mnuchin served as secretary of the Treasury at the time.

Listen to the audio clip below from WABC.