Video emerges of Rudy Giuliani being heckled: 'At one point, you were a person!'
Liam Wagner/TikTok/screen grab

A video that emerged this week shows former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani being heckled as he campaigned for his son in Binghamton.

Liam Wagner said that he shared the video after Giuliani demanded charges against a grocery store worker who made physical contact while heckling him. Media reports indicate Giuliani visited Binghamton in mid-June.

"You're destroying this country," a woman in the video says as Giuliani stands by a Truck emblazoned with his son's campaign logo.

"You have no respect for this country!" a man shouts at the former mayor. "At one point, you were a person! Now, you're a shell. You sold your soul to the devil. You f--king fascist piece of s--t. Don't you care about our country?"

"That flag right there means democracy!" he yells. "Democracy is what it means, you fascist! Go to hell, fascist! Go to hell, fascist!"

As the video continues, the man calls Giuliani a "treasonous piece of s--t."

"You don't give a s--t about our democracy!" the woman exclaims.

"Have some self-respect!" the man agrees. "Go to hell, you traitor! You f--king turncoat!"

Watch the video below via TikTok.