Rudy Giuliani gets humiliated by a TikTok comedian at GOP gala
Rudy Giuliani (Screen cap).

Ex-Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was duped by a TikTok comedian into smiling and laughing while being called a "pendejo" – Spanish for "idiot" – at a New York Young Republican Club gala on Sunday.

The comedian, Walter Masterson, known for posing as a right-winger to ensnare Trump allies, apparently approached Giuliani at the event while filming a TikTok to the tune of M.C. Hammer's "Can't Touch This," with the song's defining lyric substituted for "pendejo."

The video – captioned "Rudy Giuliani made a TIK TOK with me" – shows the tuxedoed former New York Mayor smiling and laughing along to the song, which he lets call him the Spanish version of "idiot" three times consecutively.

@waltermasterson Rudy Giuliani made a Tik Tok with me.
♬ sonido original - JR

Rudy Giuliani has been no stranger to pranks and gaffes over the past several years.

During the filming of Sacha Baron Cohen's "Borat 2," Giuliani was caught in a compromising position in a hotel bed with an actress posing as a 15-year-old journalist. Giuliani later called the film a "hit job" and a "complete fabrication."

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Back in November 2020, four days after the presidential election, Giuliani, then an attorney to Donald Trump, erroneously held a press conference in the parking lot of a landscaping company called "Four Seasons Total Landscaping" in Philadelphia instead of the Four Seasons hotel in Washington.

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Watch Masterson prank Reps. Marjorie Taylor Green, R-Ga., and Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., here: