'Weird old creep' Rudy Giuliani hilariously ridiculed by John Oliver for G-rated analysis of Lil Nas X rap video
John Oliver talks Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Screen capture)

Conservative media lost their collective minds over rapper Lil Nas X's music video, in that it uses extensive religious imagery to convey his lyrics. A pair of shoes followed the release of the video, which also led the right-wing to clutch their pearls and shake their fingers.

But it was disgraced former Mayor Rudy Giuliani who John Oliver found particularly hilarious. In a takedown of the video, Giuliani tried to detail what was happening in the video that he objected to without actually saying what was happening.

"It begins with, uh, this, whatever it is, this guy, uh, Lil Nas being seduced by the devil in the form of a snake," said Giuliani in the video he recorded for no one in particular. "Then he engages in, uh, this ridiculous, uh, really, rather ugly dance with, uh, Satan. And it's a sexual dance. I don't know how much of it I should describe. Except you've got to get it. It's, um, he, um, lap dances, him."

"Oh, come on, Rudy," Oliver cut in. "Don't give us that surprised face. You can't pretend to be a total stranger to lap dances in the same Oscar season that you're nominated for 'Best Junk Adjustment' while laying down on a stranger's bed. Also, lap dances is understating things considerably there. Lil Nas X spends an exquisite amount of time throwing it back at the adversary. Ol' scratch is getting ground on there like an Olive Garden pepper mill."

Oliver explained that the only way that the Lil Nas X video could be made better is if a "weird old creep trying to explain it in G-rated terms while sitting on the set of a law firm commercial."

See the Oliver opener below: