Rudy Giuliani in ‘significant legal liability’ as lawsuits pile up: CNN legal analyst
Rudy Giuliani appears before Michigan House Oversight Committee (screen grab)

On CNN Thursday, former federal prosecutor and legal analyst Laura Coates said that the new $2.7 billion lawsuit by voting technology company Smartmatic that names him as a defendant is a sign his legal problems are mounting.

"He's also being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.3 billion," said anchor Erin Burnett. "He was pushing all sorts of lies about election fraud with that. You know, we heard the president of the United States do that with the secretary of state of Georgia. Right? All of this, again, was untrue at the time, proven to be untrue. How serious is Giuliani's legal liability in all of this?"

"Particularly serious," said Coates. "Two lawsuits in as many weeks now. Of course, quantifying damage is a very difficult thing. Whether you're actually able to get the billions of dollars is anyone's guess. It's unlikely to get that amount of money. But it sets a tone here and leads to people being able to say, hey, there is some basis and factual predicate. If it's the same that underlies more than one case, there might even be more. I just don't know. But Giuliani is particularly vulnerable. He's got quite an Achilles heel, and it's all litigation."

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