Rudy Giuliani's lawyer in civil case quits: 'He's not paying me'
Gage Skidmore.

Former Montgomery County district attorney Bruce Castor, who recently represented Rudy Giuliani in a civil suit, filed a motion in court this Tuesday to be removed as Giuliani's lawyer in the case, The Inquirer reported.

“He’s not cooperating, and he’s not paying me," Castor explained.

Giuliani was named in a lawsuit by a Delaware County voting-machine supervisor who says conspiracy theories about the 2020 election made him a target of hatred.

"Castor initially agreed to serve as Giuliani’s local lawyer but a lawyer from Texas was supposed to take over from there. That didn’t happen, and Castor, according to his motion, reluctantly tried to defend Giuliani," The Inquirer's report stated. "The motion, which meticulously recounts Castor’s four decades in law and politics, dabbles in a bit of intrigue in two sections."

Giuliani's license to practice law was suspended in New York in June 2021 over false claims he spread in Pennsylvania about the 2020 election.

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