Giuliani shamelessly exaggerated the number of voter fraud affidavits he secured so Trump would hire him: Woodward
Rudy Giuliani during a press briefing. (Screenshot)

As the release of the book "Peril" from Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa grows closer, excerpts have been trickling out thanks to advance copies being disseminated to various news outlets. According to The New York Times' John Williams, Donald Trump's former lawyer Rudy Giuliani plays a more prominent role in this book than in previous books on the Trump administration.

Wiliams writes that "Peril" claims Giuliani was the prime force behind Trump's decision to push the 2020 "big lie," and he shamelessly exaggerated the "evidence" he had at his disposal in a bid to get Trump to hire him.

In one particularly notable example cited by Woodward and Costa, Giuliani told campaign officials three days after the election that he had secured "eight affidavits" testifying to purported voter fraud.

Within hours, that number had grown to 27 affidavits -- and then to 80 affidavits hours after that.

Williams also writes that "Peril" has Trump telling advisers that, yes, Giuliani is "crazy," but "none of the sane lawyers can represent me because they've been pressured."

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