This car company defiantly kept doing business in Russia -- until Ukraine shamed them out of it

After harsh criticism from Ukraine's foreign minister, a major car manufacturer has pulled out of Russia.

"Renault SA, the Western carmaker most exposed to the Russian market, said on Wednesday it would suspend operations at its plant in Moscow while it assesses options on its majority stake in Avtovaz, the country's No. 1 carmaker," Reuters reported Wednesday. "The move came amid mounting pressure over the French company's continued presence in Russia since the country invaded Ukraine."

The announcement came after Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba posted a photo featuring a Renault ad with Kevin Spacey and contrasted it with an image of the destruction in Ukraine.

The image said Renault positioned itself with the motto "passion for life" while the company is actually a "sponsor of Putin's war."

"Renault refuses to pull out of Russia. Not that it should surprise anyone when Renault supports a brutal war of aggression in Europe. But mistakes must come with a price, especially when repeated. I call on customers and businesses around the globe to boycott Group Renault," Kuleba said.

The company soon issued a statement announcing a "cessation of industrial activities in Russia."

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