Cracks emerge in Russia’s partnership with China: reporter
Vladimir Putin and China's President Xi Jinping (POOL/AFP/File / Pavel Golovkin)

Russia has been largely isolated by the international community following Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, but China has offered key support amid the global condemnation. But cracks may now be emerging in partnership between Putin and China's Xi Jinping.

"According to German newspaper Bild, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was on a flight to Beijing, China today, but the plane turned around midway and flew back to Moscow. The White House announced a call between Xi and Biden today, set for tomorrow," MSNBC's Jesse Rodriguez reported.

"There appears to be a shift in tone from the Chinese towards the Russians. Chinese State TV aired footage of the Russian attack on bread line in Cherniv. They are sounding more critical of Putin. Tomorrow's Xi-Biden call will be crucial," he explained.

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CNN's Bianna Golodryga also noted a shift.

"Chinese state media running this video on the eve of Biden’s conversation with Xi. Putin’s indiscriminate brutality is making China’s public 'neutrality' stance much more difficult to sustain. Could this be Beijing’s message to Moscow?" she wondered.