Russians are 'terrified' Ukraine is receiving drones that could turn the tide of the war: GOP congressman
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On Thursday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), a key member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said that the Russian military fears the war could turn against them if Ukraine acquires drone technology.

"I know you've been pushing, Congressman, for Ukraine to get these S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems — Slovakia, a member of NATO, are willing to provide them immediately, as long as they have a proper replacement," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "So what is the latest? What could you tell us about this?"

"So, the S-300 is a Russian anti-aircraft missile system," said McCaul. "It is similar to our Patriot battery, but not on the same scale. We can't put it in there for the security reasons. We don't want the Russians to get one of those. And the Ukrainians know how to operate all Russian military equipment. This is — and Zelenskyy asked for a no-fly zone, and you know the argument that the Russian and NATO aircraft in the skies is going to be a direct head-on collision and potentially start a world war. But what we can do is give him the tools to provide his own no-fly zone."

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"That is primarily the S-300, which is very effective. They know how to operate this," said McCaul. "And also the lethal drones, the Hellfire missiles, that quite frankly, the Russians are terrified about these drones that again are very effective. The combination of those two, I think, would give Zelenskyy what he needs, what he wants, and to establish the no-fly zone."

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Michael McCaul says Russians are "terrified" of Ukraine acquiring drones

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