Defense system being given to Ukraine could help them create their own no-fly zone: CNN
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivers an address to the nation, a regular task since the start of the Russian invasion. -/Ukrinform/dpa

President Joe Biden has made it clear that the United States cannot establish a so-called "no-fly zone" to shoot down Russian aircraft in Ukraine, at least not without Russia escalating to attacks on NATO territory directly — for fear of triggering a world war.

But, reported CNN's Brian Todd on Tuesday, Ukraine may be able to create its own no-fly zone to repel the Russian invasion — thanks to powerful weaponry they are about to receive.

"Republican Congressman Michael McCaul, who sits on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, says Ukraine can create their own no-fly zone if they have certain equipment and weapons, and this weapons system could really help," said Todd. "It's called the S-300PS mobile surface-to-air mobile defense air system. It's a Soviet air system, a competitor to the Patriot air system. Some of the common models carrying a 293-pound warhead. They have a range of 46 miles. And here is the key capability: they can strike targets at altitudes of up to 82,000 feet. Stingers and other surface-to-air missiles cannot hit that far. The Stinger can travel only five miles and hit targets at 12,000 feet. The S-300s can hit fighter jets, other aircraft, and they can strike incoming Russian missiles, but not ballistic missiles."

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"One important note, if more S-300s are given to Ukraine, they would come from Slovakia, according to three sources who spoke with CNN," added Todd. "Slovakia, a NATO ally to the U.S., has preliminarily agreed to supply it. But first, they want to make sure they can get the replacement system. They're looking for maybe the Patriot system to backfill for Slovakia in case they give the S-300s to Ukraine.

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Brian Todd says Slovakian defense system could help Ukraine establish its own no fly zone