Ukraine spies claim Russian troops are intentionally sabotaging their own 'stupid' invasion
Russian tank burned by the Ukrainian army. (

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) claims to have intercepted recordings of Russian troops’ phone calls in which they discuss sabotaging Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, The Daily Beast reported on Friday.

“I don't follow stupid orders, I simply refuse,” one person on the recording can be heard telling another. “The motherf*cker sent me to tanks, motherf*cking piece of shit. I f*cked it up and that's it.”

“We have one tank left in the regiment. In short, we broke our tank ourselves in the morning so as not to go," another alleged Russian soldier can be heard telling a family member.

According to the Beast's Shannon Vavra, a mainstay of Russia's Ukraine invasion has been documented accounts of Russian troops abandoning their equipment and weapons.

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"Russian military morale has been low from the beginning of the invasion, and it’s not getting any better; Russian troops have begun posting on social media begging for donations to the war effort, showing a side-by-side comparison between their dismal first-aid kits and the Ukrainians," Vavra writes. "The Russian war effort isn’t only being hampered from the inside. Inspired by the Russians’ intercepted phone calls, Ukraine’s government encouraged other Russian troops to disobey orders and refuse to attack, echoing earlier calls to surrender and abandon the war path."