Even Russian state TV is shocked at Tucker Carlson -- and think he sounds like a Russian spy: reporter

Support for Vladimir Putin and his conspiracy theories on Fox News has become so over-the-top that hosts on state media are expecting one particular host to be arrested on charges of being a Putin spy.

Julia Davis of The Daily Beast has been monitoring Russia state TV and explained the latest during a Tuesday interview with MSNBC's Joy Reid.

Davis described watching a segment on state TV "talking about the impact of the sanctions and there was such a doom and gloom in the studio that the host said we might as well lay down and die it's so bad and he said, well, to lighten up the mood, let's watch a clip of Tucker Carlson."

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Davis went on the explain that this was not a one-time occurrence.

"And that was something that is so common lately no matter which channel I monitor on the Russian state television, inevitably there will be Tucker Carlson and one of his friends telling them how smart Putin is, how he's outfoxing Biden at every step, how Russia is supposedly not going to be affected by the sanctions and how quickly they can break Ukraine's will to resist," she said.

"So he is one of those voices that is constantly being featured there and as you know and have covered before, I have written about it for years because it has been so obvious and so overt, even Russian pundits have wondered out loud on state television, how long before Tucker Carlson gets arrested for being a Russian agent. It's a little too much even for them," she explained.


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