Russia 'is in a truly disastrous situation' in Ukraine: Retired Gen. David Petraeus

On CNN Friday, former CIA director and retired Gen. David Petraeus said that Russia is facing a bleak situation in Ukraine.

This comes as Ukraine pushes an aggressive counteroffensive, driving Russian forces out of thousands of square kilometers of territory in the east of the country that they previously captured during the beginning of the invasion.

"Let me ask you your read of Putin's next move here because, for instance, beyond the losing the ground that Russian forces had gained since the invasion, you are talking about losing ground which Russia has held for eight years in Crimea and which, by the way, the Kremlin views as strategically essential, right?" said anchor Jim Sciutto. "I mean, that is their warm-water port in Crimea and so on. Do you then fear that Putin takes a step beyond where he's gone now, whether it's full mobilization or even use of weapons of mass destruction?"

"Well, again, full mobilization is too late, and beyond that they've stripped their base, they don't have the replacement vehicles, the export sanctions on microchips to Russia have crushed their industrial base and so forth," said Petraeus. "The consideration of tactical nuclear weapons, yes ... but it doesn't change the fundamental realities, which are that Russia just cannot generate the forces, much less employ them capably and competently. Their morale is rock-bottom, they are not even sure what they're fighting for other than a paycheck or perhaps to stay out of jail. The morale on the Ukrainian sky is sky-high, they're winning."

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The next uncertainty, argued Petraeus, is the exact contours of the Russian retreat, including whether they can hold onto any of the eastern territories they are still occupying.

"Russia is in, again, a truly disastrous situation at this point in time," said Petraeus. "And crossing the nuclear threshold would be so profound and the benefit of that would not be as profound. So I think, again, he's in a very difficult position. He's going to try to change the narrative, blame others and all the rest of this and find some way to explain why the special operation has failed."

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David Petraeus says Russia is in a "truly disastrous situation"

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