Satellite images show Russian troops are 'on the move' at the border: report

Russian-backed separatists have spent several days this week shelling at Ukraine in an effort to get Ukraine to launch strikes at Russia. Now, according to a CNN report, Russia is "on the move."

Satellite images show troop movement, the report explained.

"There are not many more indications and warnings that we're going to get, and if the latest imagery shows a move towards the borders, well, that's about it. I am really struck, as an old intel guy, by the public use of intelligence which is a great thing," said retired Lt. Gen. James Clapper, who previously served as the director of National Intelligence.

"I have a tendency to take this at face value," Clapper also said. "It's hard to believe you have 190,000 troops, three-quarters of the Russian conventional military, around Ukraine and now for Russia to say, 'Oh! April Fool's,' we're not going to do it. I think we're past that. I think [Vladimir Putin] has painted himself into a corner and almost has to do something. To what shape and magnitude this attack might take that, of course, remains to be seen. This could be very limited or it could be a much bigger thing."

NBC reporter Richard Engel said that one military commander said that these could be the first shots of the war between Ukraine and Russia.

See the Clapper conversation and a PBS report below:

Satellite images show Russia is on the move

Russians tanks move closer to Ukraine border