Capitol rioter accused of using chemical spray cites Biden speech in bid to move his trial to east Texas
Joe Biden, Ryan Nichols (Photos via AFP/ FBI)

According to CBS correspondent Scott McFarlane, attorneys for one of the more prominent Jan. 6 Capitol rioters filed a motion on Thursday to have his client's trial moved to East Texas, citing President Joe Biden's recent speech in Philadelphia as prejudical.

According to the filing, Ryan Nichols -- who is accused of assaulting Capitol cops with chemical spray and obstruction of an official proceeding -- is now insisting he can't get a fair trial in Washington, D.C., after the president called out "MAGA Republicans" in his speech that infuriated conservatives a week ago.

Nichols doubled down after the insurrection by posting a video (see below) of himself afterward stating, "We shut down the vote today because those coward ass politicians ran into the tunnels. I've seen the last of you treasonous bastard politicians... give me liberty or give me death... I'm prepared to f*cking die for this. I took an oath against all enemies foreign or domestic. But I plan to have others die first."

According to McFarlane, "Well... a whopper of a court filing just now from Capitol riot defendant Ryan Nichols, who's accused of using chemical spray & yelling for "revolution" on Jan 6 Defense wants to move his trial from DC to Texas..... citing President Biden's Philadelphia speech last week."

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He then added (with accompanying screenshots) of the filing, "Defense argues eastern Texas is the only place where he has any chance at selecting a fair and impartial jury of his peers ... Mr. Nichols’s right to choose to be a MAGA Republican is constitutionally protected and sacred."

Addressing the Biden speech, Nichols' lawyers maintained, "Backlit in red, and flanked by two unmoving Marines, the President exhorts all Americans to put their hatred into action."

As McFarlane notes, motions to move Capitol insurrection trials to different venues have been uniformly struck down.

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