'Raise hell': Samantha Bee wants Americans to interrupt Sam Alito's dinners ‘for the rest of his life’
Official 2007 portrait of U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Samuel Alito.

Comedian Samantha Bee argued that Americans should not quietly go along with the expected U.S. Supreme Court decision taking away a woman's right to choose.

"The decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will be devastating. 26 states will likely move to ban abortion immediately. Which is a shame, because the only interesting thing to do in North Dakota is get an abortion," Bee said in her "Full Frontal" opening monologue.

"Overturning Roe v. Wade impacts reproductive health care at every level, including for those experiencing miscarriage. We already know that the same bans in other countries led to women dying, because doctors were too afraid to treat them," she explained.

"The legal consequences of this decision aren't limited to providers. Medical professionals say that these prosecutions are often based on faulty science and disproportionately hurt low-income women and women of color. Which, at this point, is basically the slogan for our country," she joked.

Bee warned this decision could only be the beginning.

"It won't stop here. When Republicans propose bills that suggest life begins at fertilization - they're making the argument that even having an IUD could be murder. It's not. It's a form of making sure the boyfriend you had in your early 20s doesn't stay in your life forever," she argued. "We can't describe how painful it is to be here now, in a place where the Supreme Court has the power to erase fifty years of constitutional law. Make no mistake, this is not where it ends. Conservatives will not rest until they've come for all of our rights."

She argued that Justice Samuel Alito should not able to dine in public without having his dinner interrupted.

"Everything we have fought for could be lost––unless we take it back. We have to raise hell--in our cities, in Washington, in every restaurant Justice Alito eats at for the rest of his life," she argued. "Because if Republicans have made our lives hell, it's time to return the favor."

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