LAPD detective accused of using racial slurs in viral video: 'Go back to your little cage you little monkey'

A Los Angeles Police Department detective has been accused of uttering racial slurs at the scene of a traffic accident.

Video of the incident was shared by the Instagram account ValleyVids. Reports on Twitter said that the confrontation occurred following a traffic accident in Santa Clarita, California's Valencia neighborhood.

In the video, an older white man can be seen arguing with a younger Black man at the scene of the accident.

A white woman repeatedly tells the Black man to go back to his car.

"Go back to your little cage you little monkey," the white man yells at the Black man. "He started the n****r thing because he is the dumb n****r. I said it right after you!"

The video ends as the men are waiting for sheriff deputies to arrive.

Multiple reports later claimed that the man was Los Angeles Police Department Detective John Motto. Raw Story could not confirm the man's identity by the time of publication.

Watch the video clip below.