WATCH: ‘Creepy’ anti-maskers get brutally mocked as they protest outside California school
Santa Monica anti-mask protest. (Samuel Braslow/Twitter)

Anti-maskers clashed with students and passersby outside a California school.

The demonstrators stood outside various Santa Monica schools, where some high school seniors engaged in a counter-protest making absurd demands about valet parking and references to "Spongebob Squarepants," while parents told the protesters to leave, reported Patch.

"You're not supposed to talk to other people's children, okay?" said one father. "You're walking around a school -- creepy."

That father told the demonstrators, who oppose the district's mask mandate and other measures to halt the spread of coronavirus, to stay away from John Adams Middle School and Will Rogers Elementary, while teens confronted the protesters.

Journalist Samuel Braslow, of the Beverly Hills Courier, recorded a series of videos of the encounters.

"Kill yourself," one girl screams as she walks past the protesters.

A woman told the protesters that she had lost three family members to COVID-19, but one demonstrator indicates that he doesn't care.

"It probably wasn't even COVID that killed them," the demonstrator said.