Sarah Sanders' speech panned for wallowing in 'a dystopian world full of fear' before Trump fans
Twitter screenshot

In a column for the Arkansas Times, longtime editor Max Brantley trashed a speech given by Sarah Huckabee Sanders in Florida on Saturday before fans of Donald Trump who spoke later in the day.

Sanders, who is expected to become the next governor of Arkansas, following in the footsteps of her father Mike Huckabee, was making an appearance as part of the American Freedom tour and picking up donations for her first foray into running for office.

Responding to a clip (which can be seen below) of the former White House press secretary under Trump telling the crowd that Democrats "no longer believe in the American dream,” and want to “rip up” kids “so they don’t exist," Brantley said it was a far cry from the way her father used to campaign.

With the column labeling her speech "sour," the editor wrote, "In her father’s early political days, he generally struck a sunnier tone. But a dystopian world full of fear is the flavor of the day for Republicans these days."

According to the columnist, Sanders is saving her vitriol for donors far away from Arkansas as she seeks to fill her campaign coffers, with Brantley writing, "This appearance is to an audience of Trumpians anxious to cheer an appearance by her former employer and perhaps push a few coins her way, too."

Summing up her speech, he added, "Talk about the end of the American dream. It once included universal, egalitarian education and a dim view of communism and the Soviets. Now Republicans are intent on making ogres of school teachers, burying history and admiring murderous autocrats," before warning, "The end of public education as we know it is near at hand if too many more elections go the wrong way."

You can see a clip from her speech below: