Airport customer accuses Sarah Palin of noise pollution during climate change denial rant
Sarah Palin / Gage Skidmore.

Former VP candidate Sarah Palin was in Toronto over the weekend before heading to Washington, D.C. While waiting for a flight, she was heckled by someone in the airport.

Speaking to Cindy Adams about glaciers, Palin, who is neither a geologist or a climatologist explained in an interview that her father was a scientist and that they would go up into the mountains and go fossil hunting. Her father, a science teacher and track-and-field coach, would discover the fossils of sea creatures while in the Alaska mountains.

"Maybe that's a uniquely Alaskan-chick thing to do," said Palin. She explained it was proof that glaciers freeze and recede and that's how she knows that there's no such thing as climate change.

At one point in her rant, however, she was approached by someone in the airport, who started yelling at her.

"Oops, somebody's interrupting me, Cindy, as I'm speaking. Hey! I'm voicing my opinion!" she shouted.

It's difficult to make out what the man says but it sounds as if his complaint was her being loud in her ranting.

"Okay, I'll lower my voice," said Palin.

"Oh, tell him to go screw himself," said Adams. "Pardon the expression.

"I just, he mumbled it as he walked off," said Palin.

Adams suspected he was a Democrat.

Palin was in Toronto to take photos with her boyfriend, hockey player Ron Duguay. While Palin once charged $2,900 during the 2022 election to take a photo with fans the two were charging just $50 to take photos on Saturday.

Palin was flying to Washington, D.C. or it's possible she had already arrived in Washington, it wasn't clear if the heckler was American or Canadian.

Listen to the audio below or in this link