House Sergeant-at-Arms resigns after siege - Nancy Pelosi calls for resignation of Capitol police chief
Photo: Screen capture

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed that the Capitol Police chief hasn't even spoken to her after their failures to secure the building Wednesday. She also said that the House Sergeant-at-Arms has submitted a letter of resignation after the insurrection.

Pelosi said that she's officially calling for Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund to resign.

Wednesday evening it was reported by Newsweek that officials from the FBI, the Secret Service, Homeland Security, the District of Columbia government, the Pentagon, the National Guard, and the Joint Task Force–National Capital Region were all bracing for violence this week. Yet, when the president's supporters began the march to the U.S. Capitol building and broke down fences and barriers, ABC News' Martha Raddatz reported the National Guard was standing around directing traffic.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has also said he plans on firing the Senate's Sergeant-at-Arms unless he resigns.

See the video below:

Pelosi on Resignation of Capitol Police Chief