SNL takes on Fox News impeachment coverage -- and GOP senators celebrating Trump's acquittal

Saturday Night Live took on Donald Trump's impeachment by mocking Fox News personality Tucker Carlson's show in the cold open sketch.

"I just don't understand why everyone still insists on taking Donald Trump down. He is smart, he is nice, he's in shape, last fall he died of COVID and didn't even tell nobody. And now everyone is saying he attempted a coup. He didn't attempted a coup, he coup," Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said. "He's the coup-est guy I know."

"Yeah, maybe the coup-est guy ever," Carlson replied.

The two then welcomed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) with a joke about Trump thinking his wife is ugly.

Carlson then played a clip of a confused Trump lawyer Bruce Castor and Michael van der Veen, who said his name is Dutch for "Man of the Penis."

"And this is the worst thing that's been in the Senate chamber in the history of a couple of weeks," he complained.

The attorney then introduced a clip mocking the GOP's widely panned "fight" video.