Elementary kids drank floor sealant that school breakfast program served them

Around a dozen elementary school students in Alaska became sick after they drank floor sealant they thought was milk, NBC News reports.

Children who were part of a breakfast program at the Sitʼ Eeti Shaanáx̱ Glacier Valley Elementary School in Juneau were given the sealant on Tuesday. School staff knew there was a problem when the students complained about the taste and that it was burning their mouths and throats.

School staff said that it was "actually a floor sealant resembling liquid milk," in a statement, adding that staff "immediately directed students to stop consuming the substance and removed it."

Of the 12 children who drank the sealant, one was taken to the hospital.

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“Tonight there is a lot — as you can imagine because this is concerning — of information out there that may or may not be accurate,” Superintendent Bridget Weiss told the Juneau Board of Education on Tuesday, according to local media. “We don’t have a lot of information yet because this literally transpired today.”

The district said that all “breakfast components” were served by NANA Management Services, an outside contractor.

“It was confused for milk, which sounds hard to believe, but if you have used anything yourself it is similar,” Weiss said. ”It is milky, white fluid.”