Jim Inhofe does not want disgraced former Trump secretary to have his Senate seat
Sen. James Inhofe (R) using snowball on Senate floor to make point about climate change (Screenshot from C-SPAN)

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) announced this year that he would retire after a career in politics that has spanned 55 years, beginning in the Oklahoma House in 1967. The announcement sent many GOP officials in the state scrambling to snap up the gig in a safe Republican seat.

One such Republican was disgraced former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, who was asked to resign after many scandals involving bizarre purchases on the government dime and living in energy lobbyists' home in Washington, D.C. Trump was so angry with Pruitt that he fired him without even speaking to him.

Now Inhofe is making it clear that he wants nothing to do with Pruitt. According to Politico's E&E Daily, Inhofe explained that after so many years in politics, he doesn't hate anyone, but that Pruitt isn't "high up" on his list.

"I’m not his biggest fan," Inhofe told reporters.

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Pruitt is desperately trying to score an endorsement in the race from Trump but one Trump official who worked with Pruitt surmised, “I think he wants to be relevant."

“It’s hard to describe how nuts he is and narcissistic and selfish,” that person said. “I think he’s stirring the pot and planting this stuff because literally no one is talking about him.”

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported last week that as Pruitt tries to decide if he would run, he called two oil company billionaires for help.

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