‘You're all over the map!’ Fox News’ Sean Hannity gets schooled by an economist on his own show
Sean Hannity (Screen Capture)

Fox News' Sean Hannity was no match for economist Austin Goolsbee on Friday night.

Hannity repeatedly tried to attack president Joe Biden over energy production and gas prices, only to be fact-checked by Goolsbee, a professor at the University of Chicago.

"He inherited energy independence, and we were a net exporter of energy, and now he's begging OPEC," Hannity said of Biden at the beginning of the clip.

"He inherited an economic downturn bordering on catastrophe and in times like that, the price of oil tends to go way down, that's for sure," Goolsbee responded.

"We need to focus," Hannity said. "Did he or did he not inherit — well, three vaccines and monoclonal antibodies — did he also inherit that we were a net exporter of energy, and did he cut energy production by 40 percent? The answer is yes."

"No, he did not cut energy production by 40 percent," Goolsbee responded. "Energy production fell because we were in an economic catastrophe — (a) catastrophic downturn."

"No, he fired Keystone XL pipeline workers," Hannity insisted.

"The Keystone pipeline wasn't built yet, Sean," Goolsbee said flatly. "That had no effect on energy production."

"Then why is he begging OPEC?" Hannity said of Biden. "Donald Trump didn't beg OPEC. Why is he begging OPEC?"

"He's not begging OPEC," Goolsbee said. "He convinced OPEC, and OPEC is increasing their production."

"They keep rejecting him," Hannity claimed.

"They didn't reject him. They said they're increasing production," Goolsbee said. "Why are you complaining about that, Sean? You're all over the map here. You were saying you didn't like to pay high gas prices. I told you gas prices went down and Biden convinced OPEC to increase production, and then you said, 'Why is he asking them to increase production?'"

Watch below.