Sean Hannity drives home why Biden did not call on Fox News in first press conference

Republicans were in a tizzy on Thursday after Joe Biden did not call on a Fox News personality during his first press conference.

Fox was ridiculed as a "propaganda network" after Peter Doocy complained that the questions went to journalist from outlets like the Associated Press and Washington Post.

On Thursday evening, Sean Hannity continued the network's whining about the press conference.

"Of course, Joe didn't take any questions from our own Peter Doocy," Hannity said, referring to the president by his first name. "Not a shock there."

Hannity then suggested the types of questions he wished Doocy had been able to ask.

"Naturally, none of the other reporters even dared to ask about the wind knocking Joe Biden down three times, climbing up Air Force One, the stairs there -- the wind knocked him over," he said.

"Nobody asked about him struggles cognitively or the bizarre scandals swirling about 'zero experience' Hunter Biden," Hannity complained.