'The sheer insanity!' Former Trump official rages at his political judgment over trading card video
Trump aide Sebastian Gorka (Screen capture)

In an interview on the Real America's Voice television network, former Trump official Sebastian Gorka called the former president's announcement of his own line of NFTs, "sheer insanity."

Former Trump Assistant Steve Cortes said that Trump has lost focus and should be focusing all of his political capital on real domestic issues and not pointless self-promotion, while program co-host Steve Bannon and Gorka suggested that whoever recommended the NFT marketing ploy to Trump should be fired.

"Who the hell had the idea for this NFT thing?" an annoyed Gorka demanded to know. "And I get a response from the team, no names, saying, 'Oh it's a business partner of the president.' ... The sheer insanity! We need serious people because the republic's fabric is in danger!"

The mysterious announcement was well-publicized prior to the video release of the introduction of the NFTs, which was viewed as a letdown even by many MAGA fans.

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According to the hosting trio and the feedback they received from Republican insiders, the announcement overshadowed Trump's First Amendment policy recommendation that he had made earlier in the day.

Watch the video below or at this link.

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