'Most disturbing data I've seen': Analyst alarmed at shocking number of Southern Republicans who support secession
Confederate memorial (Shutterstock)

Data analyst Christopher Ingraham is sounding the alarm about a new poll showing a shocking number of Southern Republicans support seceding from the United States.

Citing new polling data from YouGov, Ingraham noted that "two-thirds of Southern Republicans now say the South should break away from the Union," which he described as "the most disturbing data point I've seen in a while."

Analyzing the data further at his The Why Axis Substack, Ingaham noted that support for secession among Southern Republicans has actually surged by 15 points since February.

He then hedged a bit and questioned whether support for secession is as sincere as it appears to be, although he said that the surge in support for secession is a definite sign of a country in distress.

"It probably makes sense to read these results more as statements of political identity (e.g., 'I'm a proud Southerner and I don't like Joe Biden!') than as signs of actual intent," he explained. "Nevertheless, the sheer number of Americans — particularly Republicans and Independents in the South — willing to turn 'blow the whole thing up' into a signal of partisan loyalty is troubling."

For context, he wrote, even deep-blue California at the height of Trump's presidency only found 44 percent of Democratic voters in the state backing secession.

"That's a lot, but a far cry from the two-thirds of Southern Republicans saying that today," he commented.

Read the full analysis here.