'Please take this tip seriously': Secret Service warned of Capitol attack and Pence threats in advance
Secret Service guard near The White House, Washington D.C. / Shutterstock.

The Secret Service revealed in information sent to the House Select Committee that they knew that the U.S. Capitol was going to be a target on Jan. 6, 2021.

"This email, for example, was an alert that the Secret Service received on December 24, with the heading, armed and ready, Mr. President," read Rep. Adam Schiff, citing the intelligence. "Multiple users online were targeting members of Congress, instructing others to march into the chambers on January 6, and make sure they know who to fear. In this report, received on Dec. 26 the Secret Service Field Office-related tip that had been received by the FBI."

"According to the source of the tip, the Proud Boys plan to march arm in arm into D.C. and they think they will have a large enough group to march into D.C. armed, the source reported. We will out number the police so they cannot be stopped, the source went on to say. Their plan is to kill people. please, please take this tip seriously and investigate further."

The source made it clear that the Proud Boys had detailed plans that were posted on multiple websites.

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Secret Service protectees were also targeted on social media sites like Parler and other places. Vice President Mike Pence was one of those protectees. On the morning of Jan. 6 they got threats saying "Mike Pence will be a dead man walking" if he doesn't do what Trump tells him.

At no point did the FBI or the White House do anything to ensure the Capitol was protected.

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