'Repulsive': GOP lawmaker suggests Trump only endorsed Jewish candidate to appease Jared and Ivanka
Morgan Ortagus

Former Trump State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus is vying to be the Republican candidate in the elections for House representative in Tennessee's 5th Congressional District, and she even got an endorsement from Donald Trump himself. This week, she slammed Tennessee State Senator Frank Niceley, a fellow Republican, for saying that only the Jewish members of Trump's family care about her candidacy.

Ortagus was removed from the primary ballot by the Tennessee Republican Party after GOP legislators and activists launched a campaign to kick her out because she only recently moved to Tennessee.

“I don’t think Trump cares one way or the other,” said Niceley in an interview with NBC News. “I think Jared Kushner — he’s Jewish, she’s Jewish — I think Jared will be upset. Ivanka will be upset. I don’t think Trump cares.”

This Tuesday, Ortagus responded to Niceley' remarks, saying that antisemitism "is the oldest and one of the most vile forms of hatred on this earth, and Senator Niceley should be ashamed of his repeated antisemitic rhetoric."

"I am incredibly proud to call myself a part of the Jewish people, and I have always called out antisemitism when I see it in all of its forms. I will condemn anyone who traffics in this hate-mongering. Senator Niceley's repulsive words could not be more clear in disparaging the Jewish people. This racism cannot stand."

Niceley recently cited Adolf Hitler as an example of a homeless person who "got into the history books" during a debate on a bill regarding homeless encampments, saying it showed that for homeless people "it's not a dead end. They can come out of these homeless camps and have a productive life or in Hitler's case a very unproductive life."