Seth Meyers unleashes fury of mockery on Fox News for obsessing about decades-old cartoons
Photo: Screen capture

Seth Meyers has discovered why viewers and advertisers are fleeing Fox News, it's because they're wasting their time making up conspiracies and lies about cartoons.

Almost daily, Fox News has started to search for examples of people complaining about outdated imagery or TV shows that in the modern era would be seen as racist without any real context or explanation.

They first started off with the claim that "The Muppets" had been canceled. It hasn't. It is still available on streaming with Disney+. But on some of the shows that have outdated topics, Disney has put a disclaimer explaining it. Fox took the disclaimer to the extreme declaring that the whole show had somehow been banned by Democrats.

Then there was the shocking saga of Mr. Potato Head, which Hasbro explained they were changing to a Potato Family, presumably to sell more items. While conservatives claim to be "pro-family," Fox News turned that into a conspiracy about gender identity in toys made of vegetables that have no gender. Somehow that got blamed on liberals.

The Dr. Seuss fiasco was a whole new level of anger. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) blamed Democrats for banning the beloved children's author. Democrats had no-decision in the matter, as it was his estate who decided not to publish the six books anymore.

Ironically, each example of "cancel culture" Fox News has complained about in recent weeks were actually examples of corporate decisions, which means it was about the free markets they once espoused.

"Personally I can't believe Fox News is defending someone who's French!" Meyers said, explaining to "the kids" that it was a knock on the time conservatives canceled french fries. "If this was 2003 they'd be referring to him as a Freedom Skunk."

"In fairness, this outrage might be because Fox News has lost so many advertisers that their last major sponsor was the Acme Corporation," Meyers joked. "That's why Hannity tied himself to that rocket last night."

He continued: "Seriously! Imagine being an actual adult and spending any amount of time at all complaining about a decades-old cartoon character being left out of a movie. You think I haven't been cut out of movies? Ohhh, I've been cut out of movies!"

The point is, he explained, "there's a pandemic raging, millions are out of work, and you're spending your time defending Looney Tunes. The whole thing is just, well, I want to say Looney Tunes but that seems redundant. The whole thing's Mickey Mouse."

See the full segment below:

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