NC cops shoot woman during overdose call: 'That just don't make any sense'
Donnie Morgan. (WJZY)

Police shot a woman under mysterious circumstances during an overdose call at a North Carolina home.

Officers were called shortly before 12:15 a.m. Monday to a Gastonia home due to a drug overdose, and police said they found 33-year-old Shae Jones "armed with a gun inside" the house and shot her, reported WJZY-TV.

"Oh God, that was terrible," said Donnie Morgan, who lives across the street. "She's just a little bitty thing, too, she probably don't weigh 100 pounds. I don't know what happened."

It's not clear who called police or whether officers found anyone under the influence of drugs, but Morgan and another neighbor said Jones sometimes had medical condition that caused seizures.

"I never known her to do any kind of drugs," Morgan said. "I know she had seizures, she has pretty bad seizures. She was supposed to go either this week or next week to have surgery for the seizures."

The neighbor said Jones, who remains in critical but stable condition, lived with her young son and kept a shotgun for protection.

Officer K. Solano-Garita of Gastonia police was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation by state authorities, but Morgan doesn't understand why officers shot his neighbor.

"They should have tried more than what they did besides shooting I think, I really do," Morgan said. "I think they should have tried to talk her down because, like I say, she don't weigh maybe 100 pounds. I'm sure they could have talked her down."

"That just don't make any sense," he added.