‘Shameful’: Dem lawmaker accuses Marjorie Taylor Greene of lying about Jan. 6 inmates
Robert Garcia (Photo via Garcia for Congress)

After leading a congressional delegation visiting Jan. 6 insurrection defendants on Friday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said that the inmates aren’t receiving medical care and are not being treated as well as others in the facility.

“It’s a two-tier justice system evidently,” the far-right congresswoman from Georgia told reporters after visiting the Washington, D.C., jail.

“I mean what we've seen all along is the pretrial January 6 defendants were treated like political prisoners.”

But the accusations are entirely untrue, according to Rep. Robert Garcia, a freshman from California who joined the House Oversight Committee delegation. He said the Jan. 6 defendants were treated by his Republican colleagues on Friday as “celebrities.”

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“I just exited the DC Jail on behalf of @OversightDems. The actions of our Republican colleagues inside the facility and their lies about the visit are shameful,” Garcia tweeted.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is already telling lies about the conditions of the facility and saying that there was no insurrection on January 6.

“When we saw the inmates, my Republican colleagues rushed to them and treated them like celebrities rather than people who attacked our capitol police and our very democracy,” he said.

Garcia disputed the notion that the Jan. 6 defendants are being mistreated. He said they’re receiving around-the-clock medical care and that they have access to the same computer tablets and communications with family members as everyone else at the jail.

“It’s clear these insurrectionists are being held in much better conditions than most black and brown inmates in prisons across the country,” Garcia said.

“As we left the facility, the January 6 inmates started chanting ‘Let’s Go Brandon.’”